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Kit Consulting: Digital Transformation for SMBs

The Kit Consulting program, promoted by the Government of Spain and managed by, offers small and medium-sized companies the opportunity to advance in their digital transformation through specialized advisory vouchers. Backed by 300 million euros of European Union funding, SMEs can access customized services to improve their competitiveness and efficiency.

Tyris Software, accredited as a Digital Adherent Advisor, is ready to help you in this process, providing the expertise and tools necessary for your company to take full advantage of new technologies and position itself as a leader in its sector.

What is Kit Consulting?

Kit Consulting is an aid program of the Government of Spain, managed by, which supports small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in their digital transformation. The program is aimed at SMEs in any sector with between 10 and 250 employees and offers vouchers to hire specialized and personalized digital consulting services.

Program Objective

Kit Consulting’s objective is to promote the digitalization and modernization of SMEs, improving their competitiveness and adopting new technologies. This program is part of the Transformation Recovery and Resilience Plan and has a budget of 300 million euros financed by the European Union through NextGenerationEU funds.

Help Details

The aid takes the form of a Digital Advice Voucher, the maximum amount of which depends on the size of the company:

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Segment A:

10 to 50 employees - 12,000 €.

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Segment B:

50 to 100 employees - 18,000 €.

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Segment C:

100 to 250 employees - 24,000 €.

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How does it work?

Companies must use the voucher to contract the services of a specific catalog. To access advanced services, you must first complete the corresponding basic services.

Each service contracted with the voucher can cost up to €6,000.

Kit Consulting Advisory Services

SMEs will be able to choose from several advisory services, including:


Artificial Intelligence:

This service offers advice on developing and applying artificial intelligence (AI) techniques, helping SMEs to integrate AI into their operations through the use of machine learning, expert systems and automatic text transcription.


Business Strategy and Performance

Consulting is provided to implement strategies to improve the company's competitive positioning. The service includes the use of AI technologies to enhance analytics, strategic planning and overall performance.

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Business Processes

This service helps to identify and improve key operational areas within the company. A customized plan is developed to optimize processes using advanced techniques, including AI, to increase efficiency and productivity.

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Data Analysis (Basic and Advanced)

Basic data analysis provides a business-tailored plan for starting data analysis, while advanced data analysis enhances existing systems. Both services include the necessary investment evaluation and process design.

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Integral Digital Transformation

Consulting for a complete digitalization adapted to the company. This service includes the analysis of the necessary investment and strategic measures to evolve digitally in all areas of the organization, using AI and other digital tools.

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Cybersecurity (Basic, Advanced and Certification Preparation)

The basic service develops a cybersecurity plan tailored to the SME's needs, the advanced service enhances existing systems, and the certification readiness service helps implement advanced protection systems and prepare for security certification.


Digital Sales

SMEs are advised to optimize their online sales through the implementation of digital marketing techniques and the use of AI, establishing the necessary investment and strategies to improve commercial performance.

Requirements for SMEs

Companies should:

Bond Application

Applications may be submitted from June 18 to December 31, 2024, through the electronic headquarters or the Acelera Pyme platform. Assistance is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis until available funds are exhausted.

Digital Advisors

Digital Advisors are accredited professionals in charge of guiding SMEs in their digital transformation. These consultants will have a term of 3 months to complete the contracted service, unless a different term is indicated in the call for proposals.

Tyris Software has been accredited as a Digital Adherent Advisor, which allows it to offer specialized consulting services within the Kit Consulting program. With our experience and expertise, we are prepared to guide SMEs in their digital transformation, helping them implement advanced technologies and effective strategies to improve their competitiveness and operational efficiency. Trust Tyris Software to take your company to the next level on its path to digitization.

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Kit Consulting thus facilitates the path to digital transformation, helping SMEs to improve their competitiveness and adapt to new technologies.

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