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At Tyris, we help you to access state aid through the Consulting Kit, boosting the digitization and growth of your company. Our team of experts is here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring that you get the maximum benefit from these opportunities. Discover how our solutions can transform your business today.

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What is it?

Kit Consulting is the Spanish Government's aid program designed to support small and medium-sized companies in their digital transformation process.

Through this program, SMEs can access resources and professional advice to design a customized roadmap to boost their digitization. The objective is to provide them with the necessary tools and knowledge to improve their efficiency, competitiveness and adaptability in today’s market.

At Tyris, we are your allies in this journey. We help you identify and take advantage of the opportunities offered by Kit Consulting, ensuring that your company receives the maximum benefit from these grants. Our team of experts will guide you through every step of the process, from applying for grants to implementing the most appropriate digital solutions for your business. With Kit Consulting, the digital transformation of your SME is within your reach.

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What is the help?

Digital Consulting Bonus
100% subsidized

This is a Digital Advice Voucher with an amount to be used in the contracting of advisory services. The amount varies depending on the size of your company:

Small group of young entrepreneurs communicating in the office.

12.000 €

Between 10 and less than 50 employees

Connected to all thats big in business

18.000 €

Between 50 and less than 100 employees

Big business office with loft rooms for conference, no people

24.000 €

Between 100 and less than 250 employees

How does the program work?

Transforming your challenges into growth opportunities in 2 steps

Soon you will be able to access the Digital Advisors Catalog! This catalog will include a complete list of digitalization experts, making it easier for SMEs to select the most suitable consultant for their needs. Stay tuned for more information and start your journey to digital transformation with the help of Tyris and Kit Consulting.

Step 1:
Obtaining the voucher and selection of services

The beneficiary company must use the voucher granted to contract one or more consulting services from the Program Catalog.
These services are designed to cover various areas of business digitalization, ensuring that each SME can find the solution that best suits its needs.

Step 2: Personalized advice

The Digital Advisors will carry out the advisory service chosen by the company. These experts will guide the SME through each step of the digitization process, providing a detailed and customized action plan. In addition, they will offer specific recommendations on the most appropriate digital tools and strategies to improve the company's efficiency and competitiveness.

Who is the target audience?

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Specialized and personalized Digital Consulting Bonus

With the advisory services, SMEs will obtain a roadmap that will allow them to boost the digital transformation of their businesses.

Regulatory Bases

Click here to access the Regulatory Bases of the Kit Consulting program.

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