Tyris Software

Tyris software is a holding company composed of four business areas, a training service and its own OTT product.

Founded in 2014, Tyris Software is committed to providing innovative and quality software developments to its customers.

Its highly qualified team and its close relationship with the customer has led it to be a supplier of top-level brands such as LaLiga, RedBull, CocaCola, Seat, Acciona or Michelin, to name a few.

National technological referents in the fourth technological wave, from Tyris Software we devise solutions tailored to the needs of each client, all of them are built on our solid core of intelligent data processing and visualization.

build your own professional OTT

Our audiovisual content management and distribution platform for companies.


technology laboratory

The technology lab division allows the development of fully customized projects with emerging technologies in web platforms, SmartTV or mobile applications.



The multiscreen video solutions division offers on-demand content services for Smart TVs, Webs, Tablets or Smartphones over the Internet.



The Business Intelligence branch specializes in advanced dashboards driven by a layer of intelligence on top of business data.


Machine learning

The Artificial Intelligence for Industry division applies Machine Learning techniques for the optimization of industrial projects.