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In a constantly evolving technology market, having the right team can make the difference between success and failure of your project. At Tyris, we offer you the opportunity to empower your workforce with our 10+ years of experience in application, website, backend, artificial intelligence and business intelligence development.

What is it?

Staff Augmentation is a human resources and project management strategy that allows companies to temporarily increase their work capacity by adding external professionals to their internal team.

This approach is used primarily to cover specific needs or short-term projects without incurring the costs and commitments associated with hiring permanent employees.

Benefits of Staff Augmentation

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What are the advantages?

Multiply your company's performance x2

In today’s dynamic business world, the ability to adapt quickly to market demands and manage projects efficiently is crucial to success. Staff Augmentation is an effective strategy for companies seeking to increase their work capacity without making a long-term commitment. The key advantages of this practice, which allows organizations to optimize their resources and improve their competitiveness, are detailed below.

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Increased Productivity

By having the necessary talent in place, projects can be completed more quickly and efficiently.

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Risk Reduction

Minimizes the risk of subcontracting to unknown third parties, since the professionals work directly under the supervision of the company.

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Focus on Core Business

It allows the internal team to focus on core business activities while additional resources handle specific tasks.

How does it work?

Staff Augmentation Process

At Tyris we specialize in elevating and expanding the capabilities of your software development team through our staff augmentation services.

Our commitment is to provide exceptional talent and tailored solutions to drive innovation and growth of your technology project.

Identification of Needs:

Determine the skills and number of professionals needed for the project.

Candidate Evaluation

Review and interview proposed candidates to ensure they meet project requirements.

Integration and Management:

Integrate professionals into the team, provide them with the necessary guidance and manage their performance.

What areas does it cover?

Tyris has a great multidisciplinary team
of more than 100 software developers,
located in Spain.

Our team has expertise in the following areas:

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When should I apply?

When to Use Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation is an effective strategy for companies looking to increase their labor capacity and technical skills without making a long-term commitment to permanent employees. This practice offers flexibility, cost control and access to specialized talent, facilitating the successful execution of projects and adaptation to changing market demands.

Short-Term Projects:

When a specific project needs to be completed that does not justify the hiring of permanent employees.

Peak Workloads

During periods of high demand that exceed the capacity of the internal equipment.

Specialized Needs

For tasks requiring specific technical skills not available in-house.

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